Panathinaikos was stuck in a goalless draw against OFI, Crete for the eighth match day of Super League Interwetten championship, losing points for the first time in a home game. Following impressive victories against Apollon (4-0), Volos (5-1) and Ionikos (4-1) the Greens could not score against the team from Crete ending in a draw (0-0).

Panathinaikos, as usual in all this season’s home matches, entered the game aggressively and just in the 8th minute tried to score. Carlitos did a nice personal effort from the left side passed the ball to Chatzigiovannis but the latter could not send the ball into the net.

OFI had a good chance in the 12th minute as Gallegos after … stealing the ball shot strongly but the ball was stopped by Brignoli’s goalpost. The Cretans threatened again in the 29th minute when a foul was shot by Lambrou, but the ball passed slightly out of the post.

The Shamrock tried to respond in the 35th minute after a cross by Vital in the heart of OFI’s box but Ioannides’ head was not so powerful and thus was blocked by the rival goalkeeper Epassy. In the 38th minute the Greens were close to score but Vouros ousted on the line a shoot by Ruben Perez while Epassy was away from his goalposts.

During the second half several efforts to score were realized by both teams without any result though. Time was passing and thanks to Ivan Jovanovic’s substitutions Panathinaikos was becoming more and more aggressive. The Greens were able to score, in the 93rd minute, with Carlitos who received a cross by Villafanez, passed goalie Epasi and shot the ball into the net but the assistant referee and the VAR disallowed the goal due to offside.

Panathinaikos: Brignoli, Κotsiras, Juankar, Velez, Sarlija, Ruben, Αlexandropoulos (60’ Μauricio), Chatzigiovannis (80’ Bouzoukis), Vital (81’ Palacios), Carlitos, Ιoannidis (63’ Villafanez).

OFI: Εpassy, Μarinakis, Balogiannis, Diamantis, Vouros, Μellado, Νeira (22’ Camau), Gallegos, Τoral, Lamprou (80’ Yiannoulis), Durmisaj (72’ Castaignos).