Maybe Panathinaikos didn’t reach high performing standards in its away match against Larissa, but till the 87th minute the team was leading the score, thanks to a goal scored by Macheda. Since the first half, the “Greens” showed that they were able to win the game and achieve their first victory for the championship. On that minute, though, the hosts transformed the chance they had into a goal, as Pinakas scored the equalizer.  The final       result 1-1 obliged Panathinaikos to experience a second loss of points, after the defeat by Asteras, in the city of Tripolis.

After a “sleepy” first quarter, the team of Dani Poyatos moved on and started creating dangerous situations before Larissa’s goalposts. In one of those, in the 27th minute, Macheda, receiving a pass from Aitor, shot the ball into the nets, opening the score for the Shamrock. If Panathinaikos’ players were a bit more careful in their final efforts they would have created a good background for their first victory, even before the end of the first half.  Nevertheless, neither Macheda nor Velez were able to exploit two excellent chances that appeared toward the end of the first period, for their team.

Larissa remained “alive” in the duel, starting to gain space in the pitch during the second half. They kept the ball much more and tried to create tough moments in Dioudis’ box. As time was passing the “Greens” were limiting themselves into a clearly defensive role. Finally they became victims of their own errors as three minutes before completing 90 minutes of game, the hosting team found the way to score the equalizer and get the point of the draw.

Concerning Panathinaikos’ image during the second half, one has to admit that the “Greens” weren’t able to create even a chance to score a second goal.

Larissa: Nagy, Bertos (72’ Grigoropoulos), Iliadis, Michail (77’ Μuzek), Filip, Sparv, Secerovic (72’ Aly Ghazal), Torje, Milosavjlevic (72’ Pinakas), Truyic (57’ Platellas), Durmishaj.

Panathinaikos: Dioudis, Sanchez, Velez, Schenkeveld, Juankar (75’ Pougouras), Bouzoukis (89’ Serpezis), Κοurbelis, Αyoub, Αitor (89’ Chatziyiovannis), Μacheda (74’ Xavier), Carlitos (90’+2’ Ιoannidis).