Panathinaikos was back into victories in Leoforos stadium celebrating a second consecutive victory for Super League Interwetten competition.The Greens were explosive during several moments in a duel against Panetolikos and won 2-0. Federico Macheda was the man of the game as he scored both goals.

Following an impressive victory over Lamia, the Shamrock did once more an outstanding appearance, played very well, dominated in the pitch created various good chances and took a nice and easy victory. The team also improved in the classification being among the first five teams of the League.

Although Panetolikos tried to open the score in the 15th minute with Karelis, who received an assist from Apostolakis, Brignioli was there to stop the initiative. In the ten minutes that followed Panathinaikos was really offensive creating opportunities with Macheda, Aitor and Alexandropoulos.

In the 49th minute Villafanez send the ball to Aitor who was overthrown by Houhoumis. The referee, assisted by the VAR, allowed an obvious penalty. Macheda executed the penalty scoring the first goal of the match in the 53rd minute.

After this first goal the Greens were looking to score a second one. In the 66th minute Mauricio pressed Houhoumis who lost the ball. The Brazilian midfielder entered Panetolikos’ box, passed the ball to Macheda, the latter shot and scored for a second time in the game.

This second goal gave Ivan Jovanovic the possibility to manage the team for the games to come (against Volos for the Cup and against AEK for the championship).

Panathinaikos could have scored one more goal in the 72nd minute, but Macheda preferred to pass the ball to Aitor, instead of shooting and in the 91st minute Palacios, after a personal effort, shot the ball out.

Panathinaikos: Brignioli, Kotsira, Sarlija, Velez, Juankar, Αlexandropoulos, Μauricio (75′ Bouzoukis), Αitor (75′ Chatziyiovannis), Villafanez, Vital (67′ Palacios), Μacheda (81′ Chatzitheodoridis).

Panetolikos: Μelissas, Αpostolakis, Cornelius, Chouchoumis (78′ Bevelonis), Αntounes, Flores, Τsiggaras, Μorsey (61′ Μendosa), Duarte (77′ Loui), Barbosa, Κarelis (58′ Vergos).