This was the 131st derby between Panathinaikos and Olympiakos in all first division/Super League competitions ending with no goals (0-0). The match was a sort of “a Green monologue”! The Shamrock totally dominated the game, being superior to its rivals, although they could not find the way to send the ball into the rival nets and win.

The match started with anxiety for both teams which were aggressive in the very beginning and tried to overcome against their rival. This led to a game disputed mainly in a man to man duel basically in the center of the pitch with many errors and few nice plays…

The second period was not much different from the first one, lacking of impressive shoots or interesting actions despite the pressure demonstrated by the Greens and their good passing game. The match ended in a goalless draw with 7 final efforts, 6 corners, 5 off sides and 58%  ball possession in favor of Panathinaikos proving its superiority.

Panathinaikos: Brignioli, Κotsiras, Juankar, Velez, Schenkenveld, Ruben Perez, Μauricio (81’ Αlexandropoulos), Villafanez, Palacios, Αitor (66’ Vital), Μacheda (46’ Ιoannides).

Οlympiakos: Vaclik, Μanolas, Papastathopoulos, Bah, Lala (66’ Κarbownik), Reabciuk, M’Vila, Camara, Μassouras (58’ Valbuena), Rony Lopez (46’ Εl Arabi), Τiquinho (85’ Vrousaj).