This was the third consecutive game, after the ones against Asteras Tripolis and Apollon Smyrnis that Lazlo Boloni was obliged to make his plans without having the possibility to count on several of his players. Panathinakos entered the pitch with many changes, in a match where gaining the three victorious points was a must! Even though the Greens didn’t charm with their game the team was essential and scored with Carlitos and Emmanouilidis getting the victory. It is important to mention that this was the third consecutive game held at “Apostolos Nicolaidis” stadium that the Greens didn’t let a goal in.

During the first half the match was well balanced and both teams had one good chance each. Panathinaikos with Ioannidis in the 30th minute and Larissa with Colombino two minutes later. All this happened till the 36th minute, then the Shamrock find a way to open the score with a goal by Carlitos after a cross from Mollo, coming from the right side.

Larissa entered the second half of the duel much more aggressively looking forward to score the equalizer. From their side the hosts gave much space to their rivals, being careful to safeguard the score in their favor. The visitors wasted two good chances to equalize before getting to the last ten minutes. Maybe Kambetsis and Bouzoukis couldn’t score in the 84 and 85 minutes respectively and “seal” the three points for the Greens, but the third was the luckiest!  Emmanoulidis, during the additional time, following an assist by Kambetsis, sent the ball into the rival net getting the victory for Panathinaikos.

This way the Greens have consolidated their position among the first six places of the scoreboard which leads to the play-offs. Simultaneously they are looking forward to the return of the players who were not available to compete in the previous games and preparing themselves in the best possible way for the demanding duels to come.

Panathinaikos: Dioudis, Juankar, Schenkeveld, Pougouras Mollo, Athanassakopoulos (60′ Chatziyiovannis), Αlexandropoulos (86′ Serpezis), Velez, Carlitos (79′ Cambetsis), Ιoannidis (87′ Εmmanouilidis), Αitor (79′ Bouzoukis)

Larissa: Bajic, Michail, Philip, Sparv, Milosavljevic (60′ Τrujic), Dourmisaj (85′ Νounic), Τsocic, Zizic (60′ Bertos), Pinakas, Colombino, Νikolias.