Second derby versus AEK in which Panathinaikos did not get the result he wanted, and this time he defeated 1-0, in the Olympic Stadium of Athens, on the 24th round of Super League Greece.

During the first half Panathinaikos had the control of the game, he took advantage of his opponent’s mistakes and he created a lot of chances. However, he was unable to score and stay ahead throughout the game.

During the second half, the match changed and Panathinaikos could not threaten AEK any more. In contrast, AEK changed her system, played more organized and managed to score with a direct free kick just outside the penalty area.

Scorer: 78 ‘Vargas

AEK: Barocha, Bakakis, Artho, Kolovetsios, Didak, Johansson (75 ‘Tzanetopoulos), Simoes, Vargas, Platellas (64’ Djebour), Barbosa, Pekchart (64 ‘Aravidis).

Panathinaikos: Steele, Mesto, Thelanter, Moledo, Pranjic, Zeca, Abeid (81 Mamoute) Essien (75 ‘Koutroumpis), Kaltsas (67’ Villafanez) Vlachodimos, Berg.