Panathinaikos faced its first loss in the championship after realizing a very bad appearance in the island of Corfu, where the local team won 1-0 in a match held there for the 3rd match day of the “Super League Greece”championship.

From the very beginning of the duel Panathinaikos appeared sluggish and disconnected in the pitch, pointing clearly that too many changes in its starting line-up team were limiting the ability of automation and homogeneity. The hosting team tried to surprise but lost the first chance of the game with Epstein in the 8th minute. A bit later Mounier sent nicely the ball to Chaves who was in the back of the rival defense, but Gromitsaris overturned the Argentinean player just before the latter enters the opponent box looking toward the post, facing the goalie alone. The referee didn’t whistle the foul. Five minutes later Kerkyra was lucky enough to get a penalty, as the ball touched Koutroumbis’ hand. Epstein shot it successfully and opened the score in the 18th minute. Immediately after, the “Corfutes” shot the ball to the post, in a counterattack by Pamlidis.Panathinaikos could finalize its first chance in the 24th minute, losing its best chances for the first half during the 30th and the 32nd minute. The first one with Luciano who missed to score by a close header and the second one as neither Hiljemark nor Lod were able to score.

This attacking initiative had no continuity for Panathinaikos that was unable to threaten again till the 80th minute! During almost the whole second half Kerkyra was easily keeping its guests away from its box and tried to counterattack without keeping the ball too much. The three substitutions realized by coach Marinos Ouzounidis were good enough for the “Shamrock” to create a chance only 10 minutes before the end of the game.Molins “served” a ball to Altman while he was moving by the box and he crossed towards the second post. in that place Cabezas had a head with ease, but the ball passed just out of the left post of Yannakopoulos. There were no other chances till the 95th minute. In the 88th minute, referee Papadopoulos didn’t allow a clear penalty when Soiledis stroke Cabezas’ foot with the spikes of his boots as the Ecuatorian winger being faster than the opponent defender shot the ball to the goalposts.

At the final whistle Panathinaikos remained without a victory, after having played three matches and found himself in the last place of the scoreboard with zero points!


Kerkyra: Yanakopoulos, Ioannou, Gromitsaris, Soiledis, Spinoulas, Siontis, Balafas (86′ Zorbas), Duala, Gomes, Epstein (79′ Kontos), Pamlidis (69′


Panathinaikos: Vlachodimos, Hult, Johansson, Kolovetsios (67′ Molins), Koutroumbis, Kourbelis, Hiljemark, Mounier (61′ Cabezas), Lod, Luciano (46′

Altman), Chaves