Even if Lazlo Boloni had to deal with important absences, before the beginning of the match, as he could not count with the help of Kourbelis, Schenkenveld, Alexandropoulos, Bouzoukis and Xavier … even if Panathinaikos remained with only ten players, early in the second half, due to the expulsion of Juankar … The Shamrock was successful and left the stadium of Volos prevailing over the local team by 2-0, celebrating its fifth consecutive three pointer in the championship. It is important to note that for a sixth game in a raw in 2021, the Greens haven’t let in goals and thus remain the only Greek team maintaining their goalposts intact in this second round.

In order to achieve the above, Panathinaikos had to score one goal in each part of the match with Kambetsis in the first half and Ioannidis in the second one. Kambetsis scored his third consecutive goal in three games after the ones against Aris and OFI. There were few chances during the first period and the match was rather equilibrated. The Greens were lucky to open the score two minutes before completing the first 45 minutes, when Mauricio forced Volos’ goalie to impressively stop his header, being unable, though, to stop a shoot by Kambetsis which led the ball into his goalposts.

The second half didn’t start in the best possible way for the Greens. In the 55th minute, referee Evangelou after consulting the VAR, showed a red card to Juankar and so the Shamrock was obliged to continue the match with ten players for almost all the second period. Nevertheless Lazlo Boloni’s players continued to strive and in the 65th minute, after an excellent counterattack, the ball went to the feet of Ioannidis who by a nice shoot scored a second goal. The score that appeared on the stadium’s scoreboard was 0-2, which was to be the final result of the duel. .

VolosΚleiman, Μitoglou, Ferrari, Dedakis(22᾽ Barientos, 46᾽Κiakos), Grilo, Rienstra, Τsokanis, Μartines, Douvikas, Bartolo, Renato.

Panathinaikos: Dioudis, Juankar, Sanchez, Velez, Pouggouras, Chatzitheodoridis, Villafañez, Μauricio (90᾽ Αyoub), Κambetsis, Αitor (78᾽ Chatziyiovannis), Ιoannidis (83᾽ Carlitos).