Panathinaikos killed the goose that lays the golden eggs, collected with a lot of work since the beginning of 2021…   The Greens were defeated in a match for the championship, just three days after having lost the match for the Cup of Greece by the same rival, the team of PAS Yiannina. This way the Shamrock lost three valuable points in its effort to be placed in the best possible position before the mini championship of the play offs.

The team from Epirus, which was revealed to be the evil demon of Panathinaikos for the current season, scored a goal very fast in the match and was able to keep the score in its favor, celebrating the three pointer after the  end of the match. It is important to mention that besides the team of Yiannina, Lazlo Boloni had to deal with important absences and did his plans without counting the services of Velez who was injured and Mollo and Alexandropoulos who were sanctioned.

The match stared in the best way for the home team. In the 19th minute, Μilinceanu, who substituted Krizman who got injured some minutes earlier, was lucky to come in front of Dioudis and to open the score by a shoot.

Lazlo Boloni’s players intended to react but without threatening Lodygin’s goalposts. In addition to that the Romanian coach saw Sankhare to get injured and was obliged to substitute him.

During the second half the Greens tried to create chances and equalize but their unique opportunity came in the 65th minute with a header by Ioannidis that passed out of the rival goalposts. The result 1-0 remained till the last whistle of referee Diamantopoulos equating the second defeat of the Shamrock in the three last games for the championship and the fourth one in their five last match days.

Thus, Panathinaikos is now obliged to find a way to react and get out of the tunnel into which the team entered during the last three weeks, in order to go for one of the “tickets” that lead toward the European Cups of next season.

PAS Υiannina: Lodygin, Saliakas, Peersman, Κargas, Pantelakis, Castro, Dominguez, Κartalis, Brener (73′ Liasos), Εleftheriadis (73′ Pamlidis), Κrizman (12′ Μilinceanu, 90′ Εrramuspe)

Panathinaikos: Dioudis, Juankar, Sanchez, Pouggouras, Schenkeveld, Μauricio, Sankhare (37′ Ngbakoto), Villafañez, Κampetsis, Ιoannidis (66′ Μacheda), Αitor (66′ Chatziyiovannis)