The history of Panathinaikos is inextricably linked to the forefront of Greek football inside and outside the four lines of the field.

Athletes and countless fans with the shamrock on their chest will always remind the persistence of Giorgos Kalafatis to found Panathinaikos in 1908, by the time that football was still an unknown word for most people. Since then, we became a synonym of history, sports and culture of the Greek capital.

Even in the era of the “Great War”, when the team was playing from time to time with the one of the Allied Forces till the end of the occupation, when for the first time the Greek flag was raised at the stadium of Leoforos as a symbol of freedom, Panathinaikos constituted an integral part of the Athenian society.

We were united, standing all together during the happy and the sad moments. We were standing all together in every season, with its own requirements, steadily motivated by our love for Panathinaikos, which was making us feel much more human.

It is an historical duty for Panathinaikos, then, to participate in every activity in order to support our more vulnerable fellow citizens and to strengthen the social balance. For our Club, any discrimination (racial, religious, etc) is absolutely contrary to our founding principles, to the values ​​of sports and the ethical belief of our fans.

These is why our actions are constant and include, among others, the participation of Panathinaikos in international networks for social assistance, like Fare network and the European Football for Development Network, which organize or assist several events implemented by other institutions. They provide sports equipment, support to institutions and welcome disadvantaged social groups at our team’s “G. Kalafatis”  training center and “Ap. Nikolaidis” historical ground.

We continue, with the dynamism that the fans are giving us, to embrace initiatives that place above all the Human being and his dignity: ideals which Panathinaikos taught and has nurtured the best athletes and fans, with.

Hereunder appear  three fixed actions in which Panathinaikos F.C. participates during this season.

1. Collaboration with CharityIdols, an Association which supports Charity Institutions.

Throughout the year we offer in a digital auction, the authentic shirt of the MVP player of every home game. The earnings proceeding from this auction are to support SOS-ELIZA guesthouse which helps infants and children up to 5 years old, who have suffered from abuse or carelessness.

2. Constant cooperation with SuperLeague, the organizing body of the championship and FARE, on messages against racism and discrimination.

During the lineup at “Ap. Nikolaidis” pitch the teams were escorted by children of immigrants, holding red cards with slogans against racism. The children’s parents were hosted in Gate 6, at Leoforos stadium and were applauded by the fans. Several messages in favor of social integration and freedom of expression were announced through the loudspeakers of the stadium.

3. A long term cooperation is established with UNICEF and ERT via the institutionalized televised Marathon of Love.

Our last activity had the slogan “Help the children of the refugees”.

Panathinaikos FC has supported the fundraising for the healthcare of children suffering from discomforts and adversities.