In the first official statements, made by Nuno Reis, immediately after signing his contract with the “Shamrock”, as player of Panathinaikos, the Portuguese ace speaks to about … everyone and everything.

Having already played twice away from your country, what counted more for you for accepting Panathinaikos’ offer and realize your third “trip” outside Portugal?

“Well, generally speaking I prefer to play abroad because the level is different. In Greece I heard that the level is high and Panathinaikos is a very big team, so my decision was rather easy! Once I was informed about this perspective, I had no hesitation to accept the proposal… and here I am”.

Portugal is not one of the markets the team uses to select players. Of course, on the other hand, Paulo Sousa has worn the green shirt and Zeka, the captain, is your countryman! What do you expect from this partnership?

“Initially, my biggest dream is to win a championship with Panathinaikos! I know it is not easy, but we have a good team with notable players, so why can’t we do it? However, it is not only what you have mentioned … Carlos Freitas was my technical director in Metz and I want you to know that he was always telling me that Panathinaikos has the conditions I need to grow as a player and not to hesitate to say yes, if at some time they call me from Athens! “.

You have the ability to play in various positions … Where would you say, however, that you could offer the most to your team? What do you think you do better on the pitch?

“I feel better playing as a midfielder. However, I believe that I can perform well in the defense, as well. I feel that I am mature and during the last two years especially I have managed to improve a lot my mind, my aggressiveness in my shadowing and adapt myself to the circumstances, either as a stopper or as a “cutter”, which are my three greatest strengths”.