What do you know about Panathinaikos?

“This is a big Club, known worldwide, the biggest in Greece with many titles and a huge history. I wish to be part of this great history”.

Many Brazilian players have played for Panathinaikos in the past. What for would you like to be remembered after you will leave the team?

“I have heard that many of my countrymen have played for the team realizing an outstanding performance and were mentioned in the Club’s history. I would also like to become an idol for the fans and when at a stage I will leave the Club I would like to have gained many titles letting my footprint in the team. I am very attached to the fans of Corinthians and I would like to create the same situation with the fans of Panathinaikos”.

What did you thing when the proposal of Panathinaikos reached you ?

“Well, went the first communication with Panathinaikos happened I was very happy because it was about an important European Club, so I thought that this could be a big opportunity for me”.

Last year you played in Leganes. An important experience indeed!

“Yes I have done a very good season in Primera Division and that helped me to adapt myself. I hope to realize an important season here in order to help the team”.

How would you describe your sporting skills?

“I would say that I am a fighter into the pitch. I never stop running and I am always looking how to help the team. I have many skill, scoring goals being the most important among them!”