With a lot of changes in its usual lineup and a very bad performance, Panathinaikos lost … at a glance in Thessaloniki by the local team of PAOK, in a game held in Toumba’s ground for the 28th match day of the Super League’s championship.

The derby was finally a “monologue” for the hosting team; PAOK was overwhelmingly superior during the whole duel. Actually the first goal scored in the 18th minute, by Pedro Enrique, was the one they needed in order to undertake the initiatives they were missing till then. From then on the players of PAOK kept their aggressiveness till the end of the first half, “sweeping up” the game in just 17 minutes!

In the 27th minute Leovac and in the 35th minute Sachov, respectively, scored two more goals. Till the pause PAOK missed more chances to score. Panathinaikos’ defensive image was a total disappointment as was its ball possession and their initiatives to create chances.

In the second period many things remained quite unchanged. Till the 70th minute the rhythm of the game slowed down noticeably and no great chances were created. The “Shamrock” continued unable to threaten or to possess the ball, giving its hosts the opportunity to manage easily the superiority they were having till the end of the match. Till the end of the match PAOK missed 1 or 2 good chances but obtained a deserved victory, though Panathinaikos was unable to keep up the victorious row, won during the last matches.

The teams:

PAOK: Glykos, Matos, Crespo, Varela (56′ Malezas), Leovac (81′ Kitsiou), Sachov, Cimirot, Warda, Enrique (71′ Kambos), Pelkas, Athanassiadis.

Panathinaikos: Steele, Mesto, Thelander, Evangelou, Chochoumis, Reis (81′ Moledo), Zeca, Boumal, P. Vlachodimos (64′ Mpoku), Klonaridis (55′ Marinakis), Molins.