Panathinaikos had a victorious passing from Lamia but the team couldn’t celebrate the way they deserved their eighth victory in the season. The Greens dominated the local team at “Ath. Diakos” stadium in Lamia by 2-0, thanks to two goals scored by the Argentinean “duo” Sebastian Palacios and Facundo Sanchez, though the thoughts of everyone were with their injured teammates. During the duel Aitor, Cerin, Ioannidis, Palacios and Trouillet have been injured and had to leave the pitch…

Panathinaikos initiated the match dynamically and willing to score from the very beginning! During the first six minutes the team was already close to that. Finally the Shamrock scored its first goal in the 23rd minute after a nice exchange between Ioannidis and Bernard. The Brazilian saw the move of Palacios and passed a splendid ball to him who shot successfully into the rival goalposts, opening the score.

At the second half the Greens lost Ioannides, who was sharply marked by Kornezos. He was seriously injured in the nose and had to be substituted by Trouillet, who unfortunately in his debut had to abandon the pitch in the 71st minute after a grave injury to his knee.

In the meantime, though, the Greens kept the control of the game and scored one more goal with Sanchez in the 73rd minute following a corner by Bernard which was transformed into a goal by Sanchez’s foot!

Lamia: Saranov, Saramantas, Simon, Andejo, Κornezos, Goranov, Τzandaris (67’ Slivka), Bejarano, Αskovski (46’ Νunez), De Vicenti (82’ Μarmentini), Tsiloulis (78’ Yiakoumakis), Μanoussos (78’ Romanic).

Panathinaikos: Brignoli, Sanchez, Juankar, Schenkeveld, Μagnusson, Ruben, Cerin (52’ Cokaj), Bernard (78’ Ganea), Αitor (46’ Verbic), Palacios (78’ Vayiannidis), Ioannidis (71’ Τrouillet).