There are games that leave a peculiar impression when the referee whistles for the last time. Today’s match between OFI and Panathinaikos in Crete, was one of them. The Greens prevailed during most of the duel, creating many chances to score but till the very last moment of the match they were close to a defeat.

Although Macheda scored the second equalizer at the last minute of the additional time, this fact gives no satisfaction, at all, to Panathinaikos. If the Greens were a bit more careful both defensively and offensively, they would have left Crete with three winning points. The Shamrock entered the game aggressively creating chances to score, OFI though had an excellent goalie, Waterman, who intervened successfully in every moment! Additionally to that fact, the Cretans without having created any good chances till that moment, opened the score in the 37th minute with Sturgeon.

In the second period the visitors started again very well achieving their first equalizer in the 49th minute with Carlitos who scored his first goal wearing Panathinaikos’ jersey. Five minutes later, the Greens were very close to score a second goal but Waterman stopped a penalty shot by Macheda.

Time was passing and the hosts were controlling the rhythm of the duel. In the 77th minute they scored their second goal with Mellado. Panathinaikos didn’t deserve to lose the game and finally the “redemption” came in the last play of the match with Macheda. The Italian striker scored by a nice head the second equalizer and turned   the match in 2-2, which was the final score of the Cretan duel.

The Greens might have avoided a defeat, but after four matches in the championship they still remain without a victory. This reality creates an even harder situation for the team in the scoreboard.

OFI: Waterman, Weiss, Diamantis, Giannoulis, Korovesis (74’ Baloyiannis), Μellado, Sakor, Staikos (74’ Lyberakis), Sturgeon, (81’ Giannou), Sardinero (88’ Vafeas), Grivas.

Panathinaikos: Dioudis, Sanchez (87’ Pouggouras), Schekenveld, Velez, Zagaritis, Κourbelis, Αlexandropoulos (61’ Serpezis), Chatziyiovannis (69’ Εmmanouilidis), Μacheda, Bouzoukis (87’ Κabetsis), Carlitos.