Panathinaikos dominated the Athenian derby against ΑΕΚ remaining alone on top of Super League’s championship. The Greens won by 2-1 in a match held at the “hot” Leoforos stadium keeping up their wonderful serial, celebrating four victories in four matches.

They have left behind them AEK by 6 points, PAOK by 5 and Olympiakos by 4 points

Ivan Jovanovic’s team although let a goal in at the beginning of the duel didn’t surrender but was able to overcome scoring two goals during the first half, thanks to scorers Aitor and Sporar.

In the 35th minute an error in the middle field gave space to AEK, Araujo passed the ball to Pineda who scored from a close distance. Despite the “cold shower” the Shamrock was able to overcome immediately. In the 41st minute they gained a penalty as Hadjisafi stopped the ball with his hand after a head by Sporar. Penalty’s “Maestro” Aitor shot it in the 43rd minute, scored and draw (1-1). The Greens remained offensive pressing the team of AEK during all the period. In the third minute of the additional time they won one more penalty as Garcia pushed Ganea. Sporar was the one to execute that penalty; he succeed and scored one more goal.

In the second half AEK had a big chance to draw in the 55th minute but goalie Brignioli stop a heavy ball by Araujo. Panathinaikos was very close to a third goal in the 61st minute with Aitor but his shoot went to the post. The final score remained 2-1 offering the Greens one more victory to celebrate.

Panathinaikos: Brignoli, Kotsiras, Ganea, Sarlija, Pouggouras, Ruben, Κourbelis (74’ Verbic), Cerin, Aitor (78’ Bernard), Palacios (92’ Vayiannides), Sporar (77’ Ioannides).

ΑΕΚ: Stankovic, Rota, Hadjisafi (58’ Μohamadi), Vinta, Τzavellas, Simanski (57’ Αmrabat), Yionson (57’ Μantalos), Pineda, Gacinovic (58’ Εliasson), Garcia, Αraujo (76’ Van Veert).