A sad night in which everything went wrong for Panathinaikos seemed to be the one in Leoforos, where the Greens have been defeated by 2-1 from PAS Yiannina and were disqualified, having to leave before the next round of the Greek Cup competitions.

If one was searching the worst way for the team of Lazlo Boloni to start the second leg against PAS, then this could be the perfect one… The team from Epirus traveled to Athens in order to defend the first leg’s 2-1 in its favor, at the match held at Agrinion. Even the visitors couldn’t believe that just before completing the first ten minutes of the duel they would be leading t in the score by 2-0.

With two attacks against Dioudis’ goalposts. PAS was able to score twice and bring Panathinaikos’ players in a very hard situation trying to overcome the defeat. The goal scored by Pantelakis in the 3rd minute and the own goal of Chatzitheodoridis six minutes later were enough to show from very early who the winner would be and who would be qualified for the Greek Cup’s semifinals.

In spite of the “cold shower” the Greens strove and created chances, at least three times, trying to score before the pause, although they didn’t succeed…  This way things were almost set as the Shamrock was looking for a miracle during the second half. The goal scored by Pouggouras, in the 76th minute, was not enough to change the course of the game. Panathinaikos lost 2-1 and was disqualified from the Greek Cup Competition.

The Shamrock needs from now on to look at its next tasks for the championship, trying to get the “ticket” for next season’s the European Cup competitions, which is one of its most important aims.

Panathinaikos: Dioudis, Velez, Schenkeveld, Sankhare (59’ Μauricio), Μollo, Chatzitheodoridis (65’ Juankar), Νiasse, Villafañez (65’ Μacheda), Ιoannidis (46’ Αitor), Chatziyiovannis (65’ Νgbakoto), Carlitos

PΑS Yiannina: Lodygin, Salikas, Pantelakis, Κargas, Peersman, Dominguez. Castro (87᾽ Εrramouspe), Κartalis, Εleftheriadis, Μiliceanou (76᾽Κrizman), Pamlidis (65’ Νaoumets)