Panathinaikos celebrated its third consecutive victory for the championship. The Shamrock, after achieving its three pointers against Panetolikos and ΑΕΚ, won 2-0 the team of PAS Yiannina in a match held at “Apostolos Nikolaidis” home ground. The Greens seem to come back to their good times, gradually, after winning nicely by imposing their rhythm with no stress. It is important to mention that Panathinaikos didn’t score these two goals by its strikers, a necessary element to every team willing to highlight.

The Greens prevailed during most of the match and could have taken advantage of many of the chances they created. The hosts wanted to show, from the very beginning, who is the boss and even if Mauricio didn’t score in the 19th minute, the goal came in the 33rd, when Villafañez opened the score after shooting successfully a penalty won by Macheda.

In the second half, Lazlo Boloni’s players entered the game even more aggressively. The entrance of Aitor gave the Shamrock a big boost. The Spaniard was in a very good mood sending a first “threatening” message in the 50th minute. Even though Choutessiotis found a way to react in that precise moment, the Spaniard smiled nine minutes later. He scored his first goal wearing Panathinakos’ jersey, after a nice play and “sealed” a new victory for his team.

During the last 25 minutes of the duel, PAS Yiannina pressed a lot, trying to reenter the match in order to score and win one or even three points. PAS couldn’t succeed and the score (2-0) remained unchanged till the last whistle of the referee. From now on Panathinaikos is looking toward its next game; the derby against PAOK, to be held in Toumba stadium, Thessaloniki. This is going to be the team’s last game before the New Year.

Panathinaikos: Dioudis, Sanchez, Velez, Schenkeveld, Zagaritis, Κοurbelis (71′ Serpezis), Μauricio, Αlexandropoulos (46′ Αitor) Chatziyiovannis (71′ Εmmanouilidis), Villafañez (81′ Carlitos), Μαcheda (90′ Ιoannidis)

PΑS Yiannina: Choutessiotis, Pantelakis, Rodrigo, Saliakas, Piersman, Κargas (46′ Κartalis) Κastro (83′ Doumtsis), Siontis, Brener (60′ Νaoumetz), Eleftheriadis, Pamlidis