Panathinaikos’ return to the European competitions after five years didn’t last too much as the team was disqualified from Slavia Prague in the third qualifying round for the Europa Conference League. Nonetheless the Greens proved by their appearance in the Athenian pitch that they can react showing a great and dynamic return on the stage. The Glory Days are coming back!!!

The outstanding team of Ivan Jovanovic played against “all odds” again, showing great character and big devotion in Leoforos ground, assisted by its enthusiastic fans who definitely were their 12th player! The team played against Slavia as in one goalmouth creating great chances, coming very close to overcome, but the final result 1-1 didn’t offer the qualification to the next step. Like in Prague, unfortunately, a wrong arbitral decision deprived the Greens from the possibility to get from the match what they really deserved.

Panathinaikos entered the game explosively, busted by all the fans and tried to suffocate Slavia. Sporar was very close to score in the 2nd minute. The Greens continued with their fantastic pressing game during all the first half and had admirable chances. In the 42nd minute the Greens were again victims of a “criminal” arbitral decision as the British referee didn’t whistle a penalty and didn’t expel Slavias’ goalkeeper Mantous after an unfair knock with his knee hitting Schenkevelt in his back. The Dutch player was forced to leave the pitch in the 55th minute. The Shamrock continued striving with passion and tried to overcome without being affected from the lost chances and the referee’s mistakes, deciding to make Slavia’s life difficult. The goal came finally for the Greens in the 57th minute as Juankar crossed for Sporar who shot the ball into the rival nets. This was to be the Slovenian striker’s first goal wearing Panathinaikos’ shirt.

Although the Greens kept pressing and trying to take a positive result, the Czechs scored a goal in the 94th minute with Youretska, changing the result into 1-1, depriving from Panathinaikos the possibility to go further with Europa Conference League’s competitions.

Panathinaikos: Brignioli, Κotsiras, Juankar, Schenkevelt (55’ Κourbelis), Ruben, Αlexandropoulos (77’ Κabetsis), Cerin, Vayannides (77’ Ιoannides), Αitor (88’ Carlitos), Sporar.

Slavia Prague: Μantous, Dudera (82’ Μazopust), Οusou, Κatsaraba, Dorley, Τiehi (82’ Youretska), Sranz (97’ Τestl), Τraore (61’ Sevchik), Holes, Οlayinga, Lingr (62’ Οusor).