A victorious start for Panathinaikos’ friendly matches of this season. Dani Poyatos‘ team prevailed over the one of Marko 3-0. After many days of double trainings, the Spanish coach had the opportunity to check everything that was worked out during the previous period. It is important to note that 17 players coming from the Club’s academy had the chance to participate in the match.

Macheda opened the score for Panathinaikos just in the 4th minute, when he shot to the target, being close to the post, following a nice pass from Samaras. In the 18th minute the Italian striker had the chance to score again for his team, but couldn’t beat Halkidis in a man to man duel. Nevertheless, the second goal for the “Shamrock” followed rather quickly. In the 37th minute, following a cross by Chatziyiovannis, Xavier came before a no goalie goalpost and shot to the net.

In the second half Dani Poyatos did many changes giving the opportunity to three players coming from the U-19 team. Panathinaikos’ footballers achieved a third goal in the 64th minute as after a nice combination between Marios and Spiros Tzavidas, the latter prevailed over the rival goalie. Panathinaikos’ players have had many chances during the match to score more goals although they couldn’t take advantage of the situation and thus the match ended 3-0.

Panathinaikos: Dioudis (32’ Xenopoulos, 57’ Christogeorgos), Samaras (46’ Tourkohoritis), Karayiannis (57’ Sideras), Velez (46’ Μavromatis), Zagaritis (57’ Lazaridis), Αlexandropoulos (46’ Bouzoukis), Αthanassakopoulos

(46’ Αyoub), Serpezis (57’ S. Tzavidas), Chatziyiovannis (46’ Aitor), Xavier (46’ Εmmanuilidis), Μacheda (46’ ΜΤzavidas).

Μarko: Halkidis (67’ Κakayias), Κontoyiannis (83’ Skourlis), Duberet, Νicolopoulos, Iraklis, Μandamadiotis, Gemisis, Drossis, Κatsikoyiannis, Κokas, Goulias (58’ Gourmekis)