An excellent offensive combination and a splendid shoot by Aitor were just enough to give Panathinaikos a precious victory in Nikaia. The Shamrock won 1-0 the team of Ionikos, realizing a second victory in an away match for Super League’s Interwetten championship. The team reached 30 points and looks with optimism toward the future.

Ivan Jovanovic’s team – that played in Neapolis ground after 15 years – experienced difficult moments in the duel against Ionikos playing rather defensively.

The match started with attacks and passion by both teams which tried to control the game. Panathinaikos intended to break the defensive tactic of Ionikos and this was achieved in the 38th minute following an excellent combination between Ruben, Carlitos, Vital and Villafaniez who centered to Aitor. The latter scored by a splendid “thunderbolt” which went straight into Ionikos’ goalposts making the score 0-1.

In the second half Ionikos tried to “shock” Panathinaikos’ defense but without any result. The match ended well for the Greens who left Ionikos’ pitch achieving an important victory.

Ionikos: Houtesiotis, Μigas, Valerianos, Τsigrrinski, Romao, Sanchez, Κanias (82’ Μatsoukas), Lenis (66’ Κiakos), Dalccio (81’ Μanalis), Aosman, Τuram (66’ Μantzis).

Panathinaikos: Brignioli, Κotsiras, Velez, Schenkeveld, Juankar, Μauricio, Ruben Perez, Villafanez (88’ Αlexandropoulos), Αitor, Vital (66’ Palacios), Carlitos (66’ Ιoannides).