In its second friendly game for this summer Panathinaikos, Dani Poyatos´ team achieved its second victory! After their prevailing over Marko, last Saturday afternoon, the “Greens” won the team of OFI, Crete 1-0 thanks to a nice goal scored by Federico Macheda. The hosts had the ball possession during the first 20 minutes without threatening too much the rival goalie.

From that moment on, OFI stood better in the pitch and had two good moments to score; initially in the 24th minute when Figueiredo failed in a man to man duel against Dioudis and eleven minutes later when a long shoot by Sakor was impressively stopped by Panathinakos’ goalkeeper.

Panathinaikos was able to achieve what OFI did not, in the 41st minute, when Xavier did a nice cross from the left side to be received by Macheda, who shot with strength and sent the ball into OFI’s goalposts. Both players were among the most outstanding, for the Shamrock, in tonight’s match.

During the second half both coaches did many changes and thus the rhythm of the game decreased. A shoot by Chatziyiovannis, in the 65th minute, was the only good moment, although Whalley fell on the right corner and saved the ball. Therefore, the 1-0 score remained till the end of the game and “sealed” Panathinakos’ victory in this friendly match.

Panathinaikos: Dioudis (61’ Xenopoulos), Mavromatis, Karayiannis (46’ Samaras), Schenkeveld (46’ Velez), Zagaritis (61’ Lazaridis), Serpezis (46’ Bouzoukis), Αyoub (61’ Τzavidas), Κourbelis (61’ Αlexandropoulos), Xavier (61’ Εmmanouilidis), Αitor (46’ Chatziyiovannis), Μacheda (61’ Ιoannidis).

ΟFI: Whalley (69’ Sotiriou), Oues (68’ Μingos), Vouros (70’ Vafeas), Selimovic, Κorovesis (46’ Giannoulis), Sournakis (68’ Diamantis), Sakor (46’ Staikos), Sardinero (46’ Μarinakis), Νabi (46’ Νikokyrakis), Vaz (68’ Grivas), Figueiredo (68’ Gargalatzidis).