Panathinaikos continued its victorious serial remaining at the top of Super League’s scoreboard. The Greens after the “three pointers” achieved against Ionikos at the start of the season and against OFI in Heraklion, celebrated their third victory for the championship beating Levadiakos, this time. The Shamrock prevailed by 1-0 in a “hot” Leoforos stadium thanks to a goal scored by Benjamin Verbic, who debuted  scoring with the Green shirt, after receiving an assist by Aitor.

Ivan Jovanovic’s players had the chance to “kill” the match earlier but didn’t do it, although they had the full control of the game and were not threatened at all by their rival. The Greens won keeping a clean sheet. Panathinaikos started the duel in an ideal way as they opened the score just in the 3rd minute. Aitor shot a foul in an excellent way from the left side and Verbic scored by a header.

In the second period the Shamrock did not enter the pitch with the same strength showed in the first half. Nevertheless they started speeding after the 60th minute, especially with the entrance of Ruben, who substituted scorer Verbic.

Panathinaikos had one more big chance to double its goals in the 89th minute as Sporar came before Markovic, following a nice pass from Cerin, but failed to score against Levadiakos’  goalie.

Levadiakos ended the match with 10 players after the expulsion of Vinicius who received a second yellow card during additional time.

Panathinaikos: Brignoli, Κotsiras, Ganea (82’ Sanchez), Sarlija, Pouggouras, Κourbelis, Cerin, Αitor, Verbic (61’ Ruben), Palacios, Sporar (90’ Ιoannides).

Levadiakos: Μarkovic, Bachanak, Vinicius, Vichos, Κonstantinides, Μejia, Hammond (46’ Skvarka), Belmont (81’ Voutsas), Vrakas (66’ Νikas), Lua lua (46’ Μoutinho), Doumtsios.