This was the fourth consecutive victory for Panathinaikos, for the first time in this championship, after winning by 2-0 the team of OFI, in a match held at Leoforos stadium, in Athens. The Greens were efficient again and took advantage of the chances they created, with clean sheets for a fifth consecutive game in 2021, they gained a new three pointer!

There were few opportunities during the first half for both teams, mainly for Panathinaikos though. Lazlo Boloni’s players were lucky to open the score in the 37th minute as, following a cross by Emmanoulidis, Bart Schenkenveld scored his first goal for the season by a head.

In the second period, the Cretans pressed in order to equalize winning some space on the pitch, although they couldn’t threaten Dioudis’ goalposts. The only exception was maybe a shoot by Staikos , in the  77th minute. From their part the hosts came very close to score a second goal, just two minutes later, but luck was not with Aitor’s side, whose shoot was rejected by to the post of Waterman.

Three minutes before entering into the additional time, though, Kambetsis achieved what Aitor missed. Alexandropoulos was the creator of the second goal for the Greens, who by an outstanding action passed four οf his rivals and shooting with his heel gave a nice pass to his teammate who “sealed” the victory for the Shamrock!.

This way Panathinaikos achieved its third victory in four matches, after coming being back to “Apostolos Nicolaidis” stadium (Leoforos), maintaining its goalposts intact during all this period. The team counterattacks looking forward to an even better future which will drive into European competition positions for the next season.

Panathinaikos: Dioudis, Juankar, Velez, Schenkenveld, Εmmanouilidis (69′ Αitor), Ιoannidis (69′ Μacheda), Pouggouras, Αlexandropoulos, Μοllo, Μauricio (75′ Villafañez), Κambetsis (89′ Chatzitheodoridis)

ΟFI: Waterman, Οues, Selimovic, Diamantis, Giannoulis (85′ De Guzman), Κοrovessis, Staikos, Vafeas (61′ Τsilianidis), Νeira, Stargeon (73′ Grivas), Sardinero