Panathinaikos remained still without a victory, after five matches for the championship, following its 1-1 draw against the team of Volos NFC, held in the Olympic stadium of Athens. The Greens we “holding” the victory in their hands till the second minute of the additional time. This was going to be their first three pointer for the season, nonetheless a goal scored by the guests in the last minute deprived the victory from Panathinaikos, at the debut of coach Lazlo Boloni on the bench of the team.

The players of Panathinaikos entered aggressively and controlled the rhythm of the game during all the 45 minutes of the first time. The Shamrock lost two important chances to score with Carlitos, who could not sent the ball to the nets in the 11th and the 16th minutes. Concerning the image of the duel, it is important to mention that the percentage of ball possession, during the whole first half was in favor of Panathinaikos. Maybe the unique threat for the defense of the Shamrock was Warda, who created some dangerous situations before Dioudis’ goalposts, without any result though.

In the second half Lazlo Boloni’s footballers, became even more energetic. They were pressing their rivals from the beginning of the second period and came very close to score in the 55th minute, but Carlitos couldn’t win the rival goalie, Garavelis, after shooting a penalty, whistled in favor of Panathinaikos. Although the Spaniard couldn’t open the score by penalty, he succeeded to do so one minute later by a head, following a cross of Macheda.

From then on, Panathinaikos’ players backed down allowing spaces for the team of Volos. The visitors didn’t abandon the task and in the 92nd minute they scored the equalizer with Bartolo. Therefore, the Greens remained with just three points after having played five games and there is no doubt that from a very early stage the team is up against the wall.  

Panathinaikos: Dioudis, Sanchez, Schekenvelt, Pougouras, Zagaritis, Κourbelis, Mauricio, Chatziyiovannis, Aitor (68’ Mollo), Μacheda, Carlitos (76’ Bouzoukis).

Volos: Garavelis, Tekio (73’ Ninis), Colombo, Sanchez, Ferrari, Rienstra, Barientos (77’ Bartolo), Guarrotxena (93′ Dedakis), Μartinez (93′ Κiakos) Warda, Douvikas.