At the end of the friendly match against Levadiakos, in the stadium of Kallithea, Panathinaikos sent a clear message that more time and hard work are needed in order to get to the desired level. Although the “Shamrock” prevailed over the team from Levadia 1-0, it seemed that there were problems mainly in the creative part of the game.  The players of Dani Poyatos confronted a “crowded” defense. This reality is going to happen often during the season with various teams.

The first half was deployed with the Greens possessing the ball. Nevertheless they were not able to found a way to threaten the rival goalposts. Levadiakos’ well-organized defense created problems to the strikers of Panathinaikos and the unique successful moment during the first 45 minutes was created by the guests, when in the 39th minute Symelidis shot from a good position but didn’t score.

In the second half, the Shamrock showed to be more active and came closer to Gkekas’ goalposts. Nonetheless the good moments were again very few.  The best of them was in the 55th minute when Bouzoukis, following a combination with Ayoub, turned and shot but the ball passed off the rival goalposts.

We were in the 57th minute when Tzioras overthrew Kourbelis inside the area of Levadiakos. The referee awarded the penalty which was nicely shot by Macheda who transformed it into a goal. This was the unique goal scored in the duel.

In the last thirty minutes Levadiakos wasn’t able to threaten Dioudis at all. On the other hand, the frequent substitutions realized by both coaches affected the rhythm of the game. One has to admit that only four minutes before the end of the second half a nice moment occurred as Carlitos, who entered the rival box, passed the ball to Macheda who shot but the rival goalkeeper, Gkekas, rejected the ball into a corner. The final result 1-0 remained till the last whistle of the referee. From now on Panathinaikos’ players must look forward to their next duel, on Monday, against AEL, in Larissa for the third match day of the championship.

Panathinaikos: Dioudis, Sanchez, Schenkeveld, Mavrommatis (46’ Velez), Zagaritis (87’ Κarayiannis), Bouzoukis (67’ Chatziyiovannis), Κourbelis (87’ Αlexandropoulos), Αyoub, Αitor (67’ Serpezis), Carlitos, Xavier (46’ Macheda).

Levadiakos: Gkekas, Vichos (84’ Poulos), Τsapras (84’ Κyriazis), Liagas (46’ Theocharis), Κarachalios (84’ Gerakios), Κako (46’ Μarcolino), Κοne (64’ Panayiotou), Μejia (75’ Κarabas), Νili (64’ Τsiolis), Symelidis (75’ Vaggelov), Μytidis (55’ Τzioras).