Panathinaikos achieved a triumph in the derby against Olympiakos, prevailing by 2-1 thanks to two goals scored by Mauricio and Sankharé. The Greens have followed meticulusly the plan of their coach taking advantage of the chances they hadThis way they have celebrated an important νictory and honored in the best way the 113rd anniversary of the foundation of the biggest Greek Club. 

The match started in an ideal way for the Shamrock as Lazlo Boloni’s players showed from the very beginning their intentions. Even if Nbgakoto didn’t find the target in the 5th minute, a minute later Mauricio didn’t miss the chance to score! After a nice combination between Ioannidis and Sankharé and a cross by the latter, the Brazilian player opened the score by a header. As time was passing the visitors increased their pressing toward Dioudis’ goalposts and although they had the possession of the ball for a long time they were not able to threaten the Green goalie.  

Lazlo Boloni’s players entered the second half in a really aggressive way and threatened with Ioannidis who missed a chance in the 49th minute. The team from Piraeus tried to control the rhythm of the game, about an hour after the kick off, but Sankharé was still there to threat. From a close distance the Cameroonian newcomer sent the ball straight into Olympiakos’ goalposts, after a foul executed by Juankar and an instable stop by Sá to a header by Velez. In the 84th minute Olympiakos scored a goal by El Arabi, but couldn’t do anything beyond that till the end.

In the last 90th minute, Dioudis by an outstanding stop didn’t let Massouras to equalize and thus was one of the most efficient contributors to this big victory!

Panathinaikos became the first team of the championship to oblige its eternal rival to leave the stadium defeated, getting simultaneously a precious three pointer which is going to be an asset for the duels to come.

Panathinaikos: Dioudis, Μollo, Juankar, Schenkeved, Velez, Αlexandropoulos (70′ Νiasse), Sankharé, Μauricio, Ngbakoto (77′ Αitor), Ιoannidis, Κambetsis (66′ Carlitos).

Οlympiakos: Sá, Reabciuk, Semedo, Papastathopoulos (56′ Ba), Αndroutsos, Bouchalakis, Camara (76′ Μassouras), Τiago Silva, Vrousai (46′ Valbuena), Fortunis (56′ Εl Arabi), Hassan (76′ Cuypers).