This page provides useful information, you should know before buying tickets for the team´s match.

A. On line at www. or  click here* or at vivawalletap

By purchasing your tickets on line you earn up to 10 € from the price at the ticket office! You avoid queues at the ticket office, as you can print your ticket yourself, or download the file to a smart phone screen and pass the gate by showing it.
* The link is active only during the selling of the match tickets.

B. Vivaspots (Papasotiriou – IANOS – Media Markt – 7spots – Reload stores) and by phone to 11876). Please look here for a detailed list of vivaspots.

C. Ticket office Gate 4  at “Ap. Nikolaidis’ stadium”.

Ticket office opening hours: Please consult the announcement about ticket purchase of every match

Tickets to home games:
The availability of the tickets usually starts 4-5 days before the match day. For high-importance games (derbies) the pre-sales period likely starts earlier.
Members of PANATHINAIKOS ALLIANCE:  The members have priority to the purchase.
The Club announces the ticketing policy applicable to every match.

Conditions for Ticket Purchase:

• In order to purchase a ticket, the registration of the Social Security Number (AMKA) of each fan is required. AMKA registration applies also to minors.
• Fans coming from abroad, having no Greek citizenship, can buy their ticket by giving their passport number.
• Every fan is entitled to one ticket in his name, since the right of use is personal and not transferable.

Attendance to the stadium:
• The gates open for the fans two hours before the kickoff time of the match (in high importance matches there might be a modification  which is mentioned in the policy applied for the specific match).
• We recommend you to plan your arrival at the stadium at least 1 hour before the kickoff time of the match in order to avoid congestion, delays and queuing during your entrance at the turnstiles door.
• Upon entering the stadium, besides the presentation of the ticket the evidence of AMKA or ID is checked.  In case of failure to provide truthful information, the Club reserves the right to prohibit your entry to the stadium.

Tickets to away matches:
The availability of tickets to away matches is announced by a specific notice.